Growth is good. It’s a sign that your product or service works!

But to the Finance Controller, growth can bring a bitter aftertaste.

􀁕􀃊 A push into a new geographic region, for example,

means the business needs to deal with half a dozen

new currencies, languages and tax jurisdictions.

􀁕􀃊 An acquisition brings with it new legacy systems

that may or may not work with the existing ERP

/ accounting system.

􀁕􀃊 The need to meet new requirements spawns ad-hoc

solutions that immediately start to look permanent.

In other words, growth sows the seeds for chaos within

an otherwise well-run company’s financial management

systems and processes. The cost of compliance can build

up, often undetected, as a result.

Can back-end systems worsen the situation, or aid it?